Happy birthday my Hero #اعظم_خجسته

Dearest father, you are the one who have always been my source of inspiration, happiness, hope and enjoyment. You are the one who step by step guided me and showed me to do the things that I felt could not have done, but did, so because you were and are always there for me. May God bless you my hero!

You are the one who protects me from any kind of harm that may come to me,
you are the huge and powerful wall of my life that never break down!
May God protect you!

You are the one I can easily lean on and rely on. I have learn too many good things and deed from you. You were and are always on my side, like a shadow, a warm and bright shadow. May God always gives you healthy and peace!

You know me better then I know myself.
Shortly, dear father, on your birthday, let me tell you one thing: You are truly an inspiration and my very good friend and of course my greatest teacher.
You certainly made life so much easier for all of us to live and be.

May you have many many birthdays. Stay fantastic, best and wonderful birthday to you father. Love you
Your son


One thought on “Happy birthday my Hero #اعظم_خجسته

  1. 40) Good grades, graduation, first job, promotion, and everything else in life would have been meaningless if I didn’t have a father figure like you to share it with. Happy birthday, old man.


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